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Daarul Quran to Build Southeast Asian Center for Qiraat

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, after being inaugurated as the best tahfizh (Al-Quran memorizing) institution in the world last Ramadhan, Daarul Quran is more and more “going international”. The newest progress, Daarul Quran Foundation has built a cooperation with a similar institution from Yaman in the field of qiraat. The cooperation has been built with the visit of Syeikh Shadiq Muhammad Abdullah and Syeikh Abdullah Syajarah to Daarul Quran, Friday 30th October 2015. Both Syeikhs are lecturers of Qiraat in the biggest Al-Quran foundation in Yaman. Their visit is welcome by KH. Yusuf Mansur, Ustadz Slamet Ibnu Syam, and Ustadz M. Anwar Sani.
In the midst of their visit, they take time to listen to the Al-Quran recitation done by Jawad Muyassar, a 12-grade student of Daarul Quran. He recites surah At-Taubah: 41-43. Whereas Ustadz Iqbal Syafril Mude recites surah Al-Baqarah in the qiraat of Asyaroh. Syeikh Shadiq praises highly the recitation from both the student and teacher of Daqu.
“Excellent, excellent,” the Syeikh says, smiling for being satisfied.
Subsequently, it is agreed to build the Southeast Asian Center for Qiraat located at Daarul Quran. In this cooperation, Syeikh Shadiq and his foundation commit to giving support by providing the teachers from Yaman and other countries.[aros]