Syirian Ulema Visits Daqu

The serene atmosphere on Friday evening 30th October 2015 with the recitation of salawat at Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) Daarul Quran welcoming the arrival of a charismatic ulema from Syria, Syeikh Rajab Dieb. Escorted by his wife and some of his students, he is welcome by Ustadz Yusuf Mansur.
“Ahlan wa sahlan ya Syeikh,” Ustadz Yusuf Mansur greets him and kisses his right hand. Syeikh Rajab Dieb smiles to all the students of Daqu and then walk to the An-Nabawi Mosque in Daqu area. Syeikh Rajab Dieb is a leading lecturer at the Islamic Education Institution (Mujamma’) of Syeikh Ahmad Kuftaro in Syria. The charismatic ulema, great murabbi, and leading Islamic jurist (mufti) for the territory of Syam was born in 1350 H or 1931 AD. He is also well-known as Mursyid (spiritual guide) of Thariqah Naqsabandiyah in his country. His visit to Daqu this time is the second after the first one in 2012.
Being 84 years old, though, Syeikh Rajab Dieb is still very enthusiastic when giving an advice to all the students and teachers of Daqu. “Remember that Allah always watches us wherever we are; either in the bedroom, bath room, dining room, or elsewhere Allah always oversees us,” he says. After that, the ulema who is said to have islamized thousands of genies gives an important ijazah (license).
“Do you mind if I license you a practice that will strenghten your faith?” the Syeikh says. All the students and teachers of Daqu answer, “No. We are pleased to receive it.”
“Alright. After finishing Subuh prayer, recite the sentence of tahlil, Laa ilaaha illallaah, 300 times while holding the lower left part of your breast. Surely internalize the sentence into your heart,” the Syeikh explains. In his opinion, if this practice is routinely done, then our heart and tongue will be accustomed to say the sentence spontaneously.
The Syeikh’s advice is attentively listened by the audiences who acustomed to say the sentence spontaneously.
The Syeikh’s advice is attentively listened by the audiences who are determined to practice it immediately. If our heart always says the sentence of tahlil, then our faith will be sustainably alive and prevented from doing bad deeds. “What creature can do bad deeds, do violation, or make sins if his or her heart is always remembering the name of the Most Noble Substance in the universe,” the Syeikh explains.
The visit to Daarul Quran is a part of Syeikh Rajab Dieb’s “Missionary Tour” in Indonesia from 28th October to 10th November 2015. This Missionary Tour is held through a collaboration between Daarul Quran and Pesantren Tazakka, Pekalongan, led by Ustadz Annizar.
Before visiting Daqu, the Syeikh meets the Director General of Islamic Development the Ministry of Religious Affairs on 29th October, visit Pesantren Daarunnajah on 30th October, and then visits Sunda Kelapa Mosque and Pesantren Daarul Quran. On the 1st November the Syeikh attends a great public preaching (tabligh akbar) together with Ustadz Arifin Ilham in the Adz-Dzikra Mosque in Sentul, Bogor. The following day, he meets the Director of BNPT Inspector General Police Said Usman Nasution and the Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin.
On Tuesday, 3rd November, the Syeikh attends a meeting of FKUB (the Forum for Reconciliation among Religions Holders) held in the Great Mosque of Batang in Central Java. On the following day he visits pesantren Tazakka in Pekalongan. Then on 5th November he delivers a speech in pesantren Al-Amanah, Krian, Surabaya.
On Friday, 6th November, the Syeikh is scheduled to deliver a general lecture in pesantren Tebuireng, Jombang. On Sunday, 8th November, he attends a great public preaching together with Ustadz Abdullah Gymnastiar in the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta. On Sunday, 9th November he meets a member of the Presidential Advisory Council, KH. Hasyim Muzadi, and then the chairman of Badan Wakaf Indonesia, Dr. Maftuh Basyuni, and attends a gathering with the members of Anshar Tazakka on Tuesday 11th November, the Syeikh will continue his proselytism to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.[aros]