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Nowadays as educators teachers are facing challenges in the education system which is far more complex than the time when they became students many years ago. The coming of the internet age and social media involvement in people’s daily lives has made a drastic change in the global paradigm of education; moreover, it has an inherent impact on people of all ages, including students.

Based upon this condition, Daqu School Kalibata City management decided to send its nine teachers and one administration staff to participate in a one-day Hypnoteaching Workshop held by Edulight Development Center on May 6, 2017 in Hotel Sofyan Inn Tebet, South Jakarta. Mr. Aditya Iman, S.E., CH., has become our sole trainer in the workshop. He has an extensive experience in disseminating the skills of hypnotherapy, especially in mastering the classroom full of noisy students and also helping students in enhancing their concentration.

Mr. Aditya started his workshop with the brain gymnast exercises. We had to quickly adapt the movement of our hands with the oral instruction given by him. With the help of lively musical background and dynamic movement, we were trained on how to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

It was such an impressive moment for all of us who participated in the workshop that actually simple actions can be done to control a noisy and unruly students who disrupt the teaching-learning process.  We can also allure students’ concentration into reminiscence of good things that are unforgettable to them so that they can feel comfortable in the classroom and ready to learn the lesson materials.

What we hoped at the end of the workshop was that we expected such workshops and trainings to be held regularly for all educators. It will definitely have a wider audience if the trainer is invited to school to conduct an in-house training which will give a more fundamental impact to all school staffs.****


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”, said Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, Principal of Daqu Kalibata City when interviewed on this matter.

Mr. Rino Zeldeni, who initiated the workshop also made a similar statement on the importance of it. “We want our teachers to be creative, multi talented, innovative, and team work players who can answer the millennial challenges in education. It is expected that

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