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On Friday, May 5, 2017, in Daqu Kalibata City, Jakarta, a one-day workshop on the creation of classroom display was held for the purpose of enhancing teachers’ skills in decorating classrooms.  This event has a relation with the fact that students nowadays are more attracted with the visual appearance of their classroom than with the book they have.

It was also emphasized by Ms. Nety Ariyani,  the Vice Principal of Daqu Ketapang in charge of Curriculum Development who came to Kalibata to train teachers, that class display will create a positive atmosphere and ambience to students and help them focus on the lesson materials taught.

Ms. Salwa who is also from Ketapang Branch and a dedicated teacher who specializes in class display creation gave a hands-on workshop to Kalibata teachers who enthusiastically watched the process. She instructed us to be creative and dynamic in improvising our works. Later on we were grouped into different team and they had to make an interesting and colorful class display based on the level of their students. Even though at the time we were exhausted after teaching on the last day of the week, we were so eager to accomplish our duty in creating new class display. “It was a fun thing to do, knowing that students are visually more attracted to colorful figures than only the items found in their book”, said Ms. Haniam who is a the homeroom teacher of Grade 1 at Daqu Kalibata City Jakarta.

“This workshop has become an urgent matter for us since nowadays we are facing a challenge in the education system which is far more complex than the time when we were students many years ago”, said Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, Principal of Daqu Kalibata City when interviewed on this matter.

Mr. Rino Zeldeni, who initiated the workshop also made a similar statement on the importance of it. “We want our teachers to be creative, multi talented, innovative, and team work players who can answer the millennial challenges in education. It is expected that students’ boredom can be eliminated by this activity in the classroom”, said him who has been an inspiring educator for the last ten years.

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