My Holiday Trip to Thailand

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My Holiday Trip to Thailand

A story by: Khaira Rizqya, Grade 4 SD Daqu Kalibata city Jakarta

KHAIRA grade 4 daqu kalcit

Last week I went to a holiday trip to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with my parents for four days. As a family we spent the wonderful time together to visit amazing places. Thailand is a kingdom, so it has a king who lives in the palace. We went to the palace which is the king’s house. The palace is very big and huge, and I took a picture in front of the place. Woow, I cannot forget the wonderful moments we had there!

grand-palace-bangkokI also went to see a very big Buddha statue which is called the sleeping Buddha. After that I went back to the hotel by the Tuk-tuk. The Tuk-tuk is a traditional public transportation and can only be found in Bangkok.






Also we did not forget to do our prayers while we were in Bangkok. Praying (shalat) is a must for Muslims everywhere around the world. We prayed in the hotel and we asked for the direction of Qiblat to hotel staff. In Islam when we are traveling to a faraway place we can do the Jamak and Qashr prayer. Praying is also one of the five pillars of Islam that cannot be abandoned.

I was very happy in visiting Bangkok and hopefully we can come back again to Bangkok in the future. *****




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