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The first encounter to the world of knowledge and science

A report by: Mr. Darmawan, Science teacher of SD Daqu Kalibata City


Students of Kalibata City Primary School (SD Daqu Kalibata City) nowadays have been introduced to the use of scientific lab equipments, such as microscope, levers, dynamo, DC electrical circuits, human internal organs, and human skeleton for the purpose of allowing them to get the first encounter to the amazing world of science.

According to Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, SHI, the principal, it is of ultimate concern for us as educators to let them realize the importance of scientific development for the benefit of humankind. Therefore we have to urge students to become young scientists in which they will contribute their discoveries to mankind in the future.

According to Drs. H. Sukman Hermawan, Head of the Full Day Bureau of Daqu, nowadays as educators teachers are facing complex and fundamental issues in education, in which millenial and cybercultural challenges are coming from all directions towards their students. Therefore, giving them the correct and appropriate guidance to let them decide what they want to be in the future for their nation is the best solution towards those challenges.

According to M. Nayyid Ghassan, a student of Grade 4 who had the opportunity to observe a living microorganism for the first time through a microscope, it was such an unforgettable moment for him to know that millions of so tiny living microbes exist in many areas around us. Therefore, we should be cautious when it comes to consume foods and drinks so as not to make us having a stomachache.

In the future SD Daqu Kalibata City students will conduct basic and simple science experiments in which their curiosity will be answered through multiple experiments. They are not supposed to be down if they fail in the first experiment, because there will be another 1000 experiments to do to be a successful scientist.

Ibnu Sina, Ibnu Rusyd, Ibnu Haitsam, Al Jabbar, Ibnu Khaldun, Ibnu Batuta, and many other Muslim scientists are all they want to be in the future. May Allah SWT grant their wishes. Amin Ya Robbal Alamiin.

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