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An Effective Method To Induce Students’ Self Awareness During The Tahfidz Camp Program

On Thursday to Saturday, September 28-30, 2017 (Muharram 10-12, 1439), students of SD Daqu Kalibata City Jakarta had their regular monthly program of Tahfidz Camp, as regulated by the founder of Daarul Quran Foundation, K.H. Yusuf Mansur.  Students are asked to memorize Quran surah and are tested individually by Tahfidz teachers. They know that this is an important program for them as they will become huffadz or “guardians” of the Holy Quran.  This program has begun since July 2017 and it is held monthly on the last three days of the month.

On the Tahfidz camp event on Saturday (30/09/17), a new method is introduced, that is the Spiritual Therapy, given by Mr. Rino Zeldeni, the vice principal of SD Daqu Kalibata City. Students are asked to have a self contemplation, or Muhasabah, on how their parents have given their sacrifice for the success of their children. Many students cried and wept on recalling their ignorance and naughtiness to their father and mother, and they promised in their heart that they will not ignore their parents’ and teachers’ advice anymore.

According to Putu Kiera O. Putri of Grade 5 SD Daqu Kalibata City, this contemplation or Muhasabah program is really useful in helping her friends realize their mistakes to their parents. “Now my friends stop playing around and mocking their friends anymore, because they know that it is a bad thing to do”, said Kiera enthusiastically when asked about this event.

Starting from this Tahfidz camp now they understand that it is the outmost importance to respect parents and teachers.  Parents and teachers are the ones who will guide their children to be successful persons, both in their career and in their spiritual life.

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