My experience during the stay over at school (Muharram Mabita)

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My experience during the stay over at school (Muharram Mabita)

By: Putu Kyra Oyca Putri (Grade 5 student of SD Daqu Kalibata City)

Mabita is a regular school program held every year in SD Daqu Kalibata City to teach students to be brave and independent. I joined Mabita because I would be very happy to stay with my friends to welcome the Islamic New Year 1439 and to help the Rohingnya people who are now becoming refugees in many countries.

First, all of us came to school in the afternoon, at 3 pm. I put my bag in the girls’ room and then I went directly to Musholla because it was the time for the Ashr prayer.   After the speech given during the opening ceremony by our Principal, Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, SH.I., we had dinner and prayed together for the  Maghreeb and the Isya. We ate the snack in the school’s corridor, and we also created handicraft to be given to the public when we had the Muharram carnival the next day.

That evening we had a Muhasabah or contemplation for our purpose as Muslim children. We had to go to sleep at 10pm that night because we would have to walk around the apartment the next day so we had to stay fresh and fit.

We woke up at 3 am in the morning to perform the tahajud prayer, and after that we prayed Subuh. We had a light exercise so that we would be healthy, and we got ready for breakfast, which was “Nasi goreng  and fried egg”, and also some milk. It was totally yummy for me. After that we took a shower to get ready for the carnival and fund raising for the Rohingnya people who are suffering in Myanmar.

In the carnival around Kalibata City apartment, we successfully raised money as much as 5,5 million rupiah. All students of Daqu Kalibata City Full Day Units (Kindergarten, Playgroup, Daycare, and Primary School) participated in the carnival, and the donation collected will be used to help the Rohingnya people.

At 9.30 am after the carnival we went back to school to have some snacks, and we were picked up by our parents or guardians to go home. I was a little bit sad because we would not be able to sleep and stay together again, but it was my great experience that I will always remember. See you next year in another Mabita program, guys!

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