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ArticleThe True Meaning of Heroes To Students (November 10 Heroes Day)

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 By: Marvell Sharif Hamadani (Grade 5 student of SD Daqu Kalibata City Jakarta)

Heroes are people who have served beyond their call of regular duties. They sacrifice their time and energy for other people. Many years ago when we gained our independence, heroes are fighters who defended our country from the Dutch colonials and oppressors who wanted to colonize back our motherland.

Now in 2017, 72 years after our independence, heroes can be found everywhere. For example, doctors and nurses. They cure and give people medicine, and they also do surgery.

Without them there would be chaos, especially when many people are sick. Many people are getting ill and they would die from diseases. Nurses take care of people and doctors need nurses to assist them in the hospital. They inform the doctors which patients need a doctor the most and also inform them the disease that a patient is suffering.

A hospital is just a building but it will work with the presence of doctors and nurses. A school also is just a building and it will only work with the presence of teachers and staffs in teaching us as school children. Thank you my teachers!