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NewsBuilding a healthy mind through a healthy body

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By: Mr. Darmawan M. (Language Coordinator of Daqu Kalibata City Primary School)


Every Friday morning, located in the basketball field of Kalibata City Apartment Jakarta, all students, teachers and staffs of Daqu Kalibata City Primary School (SD Daqu Kalibata City) have the regular weekly program of regular exercise such as rhythmic aerobics and gymnasts.

All students are ready for the aerobics by coming to the basketball field as early as 7 o’clock. The leaders of the rhythmic aerobics are Mr. Saipul Kodir, the vice principal of students’ affair of SD Daqu, and Mr. Abdul Rozak, Math teacher.

As we all know, our body needs regular physical activity in order to maintain strength, stamina, cardiovascular health and proper blood circulation. Our mind also needs activity to stay sharp and balanced. It is recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity per week. The benefits of living an active life are significant, and it doesn’t take that much effort to reap the rewards.

Physical activity that we do improves our immune system and helps us stave off illness, such as the common cold, as well as decreases your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise and sports help us lose and maintain a healthy weight.

Physical activity that the Daqu students do improves blood circulation, increases coordination and stamina, prevents bone loss and may help them stay fresh. An active lifestyle can reduce coronary heart disease by 30 to 40 percent. Additionally, moderate exercise can reduce our chance of getting a stroke by 20 percent, which increases to 27 percent with regular, intense physical activity.

Exercise and activity increases chemicals in our brain such as endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin, which improves our mood, decreases depression, improves executive functioning skills, helps you manage stress and boosts your energy level. Playing sports is a social activity that can help us meet people, make new friends and increases self-esteem.

That is why Daqu Kalibata City Primary School (SD Daqu Kalibata City) has conducted the weekly Friday exercise for all students, teachers and staffs to develop “Quwwatul Jasadiyya” (Physical strength) as recommended by our prophet Muhammad SAW.