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On the first day of the second semester, the school year of 2017-2018, (January 8, 2018), the Full Day bureau of Daqu Schools had an important event for educators held at Daqu building in Ketapang, Tangerang, Banten . As many as seventy educators from Kalibata City and Ketapang Daqu Schools joined the workshop held for about two and a half hours in Dhuha Building, 5th floor.
The speaker of the workshop is Mrs. Sani B. Hermawan, a psychologist from the psychological agency of Daya Insani Institute. This workshop becomes a positive transformation for all educators in Daqu Schools to improve the quality of teaching methodology to all Daqu students, since nowadays teachers face enormous challenges in education. Modern age students now have become technologically savvy in absorbing hi-tech gadgets fully provided by their parents, and teachers need to cope with the situation.
There were plenty of questions raised by the participants since they wanted to know the solution of problems faced in their daily teaching routine.
“Such training is very useful once it is applied to daily teaching activities in our school” said Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, SH.I., Principal of SD Daqu Kalibata City Jakarta who also participated in the workshop.
“We plan that such constructive activity to be held regularly so that our teachers will get a wider insight on how to develop personal skills in the field of education”, said Mr. H. Sukman Hermawan, head of the Full Day Bureau of Daqu Schools, in commenting the workshop.
*By: Mr. Darmawan

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