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Preparing Future Kids For Primary School Entry

On Saturday, December 23, 2017 (Rabiul Akhir  6, 1439 H), Kindergarten students from Daqu Kalibata City as well six year old children from many places around Jakarta had the opportunity to participate in the Daarul Quran Kalibata City Pre-Learning Readiness & Orientation Program (SD Daqu Kalibata City OKUB).

The purpose of the program is to allow teachers and parents to know their children’s preparedness to start formal education at primary school. As we all have understood, primary education plays a vital role in sharpening the characters of individuals, especially in assisting them to reach out for their goals in the future,

During the occasion parents were informed with the school’s visions and missions, goals and current achievements by SD Daqu Kalibata City Principal, Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, SH.I.  Parents also had the opportunity to ask questions that are related with their children’s education.

“It was an aspiring event in which parents and the school has a valuable opportunity to share their expectations with our visions missions, and also our learning methodology,” said Mr. Mr. Abdul Wahid Basyir, SH.I on being interviewed on the spot. “It is apparent that parents are really enthusiastic in joining their children to our school,” said him.

Another Pre-Learning Readiness & Orientation Program for the coming grade 1 students is scheduled to be held in the early weeks of 2018 school year. “The best amongst you are the ones who learn Quran and teach it”, said Prophet Muhammad SAW in the hadith.



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