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Get to Know More About Canada From Eden and Holy 

Alhamdulillah, today we got special guests from Toronto, Canada.  Wow, such a good idea to close our day today as they visited us in the afternoon . Thanks to our school that provided us such a wonderful experience.

Their names are Eden and Holy, by the way. They are such energetic, beautiful, brave young women. They just graduated from a university and travelled a lot of countries. We had so much fun with them. First, they introduced themselves and talked a little bit about their city, Toronto. At the first time we felt so shy at each other, so we were just kept silent, hehehe. But then, by the time went by, everything was just flow. One by one of our friends asked a question.

After knowing each other, our teacher split us into two groups, boys and girls. Then she spread those guests to each of our groups. It made us closer and felt more confidence to talk with them. We had so much laughing and exciting topic to be discussed. We talked about food, cultures, traditions, our school experiences compared with them, and many things.

The most interesting part about our discussion was when one of our friends asked one of them about why she likes being in Indonesia, and she said, because Indonesia is crazy like India and I love it. “I also like Indonesian people, they are warm, innocent, kind, you could see people smile at you wherever you go in Indonesia. Indonesian people have a truly smile, from their heart.” She added.

Ah yeah, they are not muslim anyway, but once they were coming here they put on scarf covering their hair. They said that Cannada had muslims also and we respected each other. They looked so beautiful with their scarf even they really liked it, and we also recited some aayah from Surat-ul-Al-Fatihah as she wanted to hear it.

Overall, their visiting today was very wonderful where we had such a good day and a lot of experiences. Every heart of us felt satisfied because we could practice directly what we got from our class. Moreover, it’s really good start up for us; especially for junior students who just the beginner learners for practicing English. I wish this kind of occasion will be always persisting .   

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