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Sunday (15/11), thousands of prospecetive participants for Wisuda Akbar (Grand graduation) 6 in a number of cities in the country join the selection phase. They deliver Surah Al Baqarah verses 101-157 (57 verses), Surah As Shaff (14 verses), and Surah Al Qaf (45 verses) that they have memorized. It is assessed by some Ustadz and Ustadzah, comprising the aspects of fluency in memorizing and the appropriateness of pronunciation. Wisuda Akbar 6 will be held by...


Gd. Adh-Dhuha Pesantren Tahfizh Daarul Qur'an
Jl. Thamrin Ketapang, Kp. Ketapang Kecamatan Cipondoh, Kota Tangerang, Provinsi Banten
021-2789 9696

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