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Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh

Alhamdulillahilladzi rofa’a bi hadzal kitabi aqwaaman wa yadho’ bihi akhoriin, walladzi ‘allama bilqolam, ‘allamal ing- saana maa lam ya’lam. Allahumma sholli wa salim ‘ala sayydiina muhammadin wahuwa Khoirul anaam…. Amma ba’du.

All students and prospective students as well as the parents who are granted mercies by Allah SWT. A wise man says “man ‘arofa bu’das safari ista’adda”, whoever knows the distance of a journey then he should be prepared for it.

It is a fortune that an islamic boarding school becomes the destination for our children to study, because islamic boarding school is what we call a Candradimuka Crater, a place to train the future leaders, the next generation who will face the era of technology and communication which is much more sophisticated than now. Wallahu a’lam.

In this preparation stage, it is necessary for us to introduce Allah SWT The Owner and Regulator of the future to the students and make them closer to Him through The Holy Qur’an as well as to introduce the Prophet Muhammad SAW, along with his sunnah, akhlaqul karimah (noble character), spiritual values and also his high fighting spirit.

Over 14 years Daarul Quran has dedicated to Indonesia and the world through islamic education, especially tahfizh (memorizing the Holy Qur’an) as the main program in addition to the other programs that support the students’ non-academic capability. Alhamdulillah, now Pesantren Tahfizh Darul Quran has been present in Cikarang, Semarang, Lampung, Malang, Jambi, Banyuwangi, Bogor and insya Allah it wil be subsequently present in 100 cities in Indonesia and in five continents.

The dream of being in five continents is the dream of Daarul Quran and the dream of all of us. The prayers and efforts that we all have performed have made the best education for the best children come true. May Allah always guide us along the way to this destination. May Allah bless you all (Barokallah Fiikum Jamiaan).

Wassalamu’alalaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

Ustadz Ahmad Jameel

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