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 Saktisyahputra Wismurti: An Effective Breakthrough to Teaching Approach in the Classroom of Daarul Quran Schools


On Saturday, September 9, 2017 (18 Zulhijjah 1438), as many as 75 eager participants from Daqu Schools of Ketapang, Tebet, Kalibata City, and invited teachers from Highfield school Simprug  had the golden opportunity to participate in the enlightenment training given by the Leader of Indonesian School of Training and Motivation (STMI), Saktisyahputra Wismurti, S.I.Kom, M.I.Kom,

Mr. Saktisyahputra is a well known young motivation trainer who has conducted trainings and seminars in almost all provinces of Indonesia. The training was held in Daarul Quran Kalibata City as part of the program of the human resources development of the Full day Bureau.

According to Mr. Drs. H. Sukman Hermawan, Head of the Full day Bureau of Daqu Schools, this enlightenment training is very beneficial to the teaching staffs of Daqu schools since it helps teachers cope with the fear of giving a public speech. “This event also has helped our staffs gain self confidence when they have to do public speaking. I am sure that this is a skill that can be trained, “said Mr. Sukman enthusiastically.

saktisyahpura2Mr. Saktisyahputra gave his enlightenment training in a day with the seventeen topics such as: 1.Ice Breaking, 2.Quick Memorization, 3. Mind Mapping, 4.NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), 5.Hypnosis, 6.Hypnoteraphy, 7.Story Telling, 8.Presentation, 9.Marketing, 10.Leadership, 11.Trainer and entrepreneur, 12.Changing the misleading myth, 13.the right way to be a Trainer, 14.Communication, 15.Motivation, 16.EFT, 17.Public Speaking.

Most of the participants showed their expression of satisfaction. Mr. Puniawan Widodo, a guest teacher from Highfield School Simprug, Jakarta, expressed his gratitude to Daqu School Kalibata City that has allowed him to join the training. “Today I have received an invaluable knowledge, and I would like to thank Mr. Rino Zeldeni, the vice principal of SD Daarul Quran Kalibata City who allowed me to be part of the mental revolution for betterment of our nation,” said him on being interviewed after the event.

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