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Semua Tentang Daarul Qur’an


Historical Background

Daarul Qur’an Boarding School for Qur’an Memorization was established by Ustadz Yusuf Mansur. This school was built by PPPA Daarul Qur’an and located in Kampung Qur’an, Cipondoh, Tangerang. This location has become the center forpioneering and developing Qur’an.

Daarul Qur’an is one of the boarding schools which harmonize education, lifeskill, social life,spreading Islamic studies (dakwah) and religion.

Through one day one ayat program, Qur’an memorization has become the standard qualification for students in Daarul Qur’an. We want to help your daughter or son become memorizer of Qu’ran in a rapid and accurate time frame.

Students will be educated by the qualified teachers and mentors which have been selected by Musabaqoh Hifdzil and National Tilawah Qur’an competition. International standard educators from various countries also support students reach their dreams with respect to  memorizing Qur’an.

With the full legal support from the foundation, Daarul Qur’an Tahfizh  Boarding School creates some wonderful educational programs.

From the early establishment, around 2003there came a guest to Ustadz Yusuf Mansur’s home. The guest’s name was H. Ahmad. He told about his boarding school that he built needed financial support.

Finally, Ustadz Yusuf Mansur asked him to place his students in Ustadz Yusuf Mansur’s house. Ustadz Yusuf was so surprised to know that the boarding school that he spoke about was only a humble house where the female and male students still mixed together (because the house was not large enough to seperate the female and male students). H. Ahmad was a wonderful man. With the simplicity of his circumstances, he made a boarding school even though he had no accomodations. He graduated from Madinah University and was well known as an istiqomah man.

Ustadz Yusuf Mansur’s great dream was only one : he wanted to be able to memorize Qur’an and he got the chance to rememorize or muraja’ah by teaching Qur’an to the students  as he believed that the best way of keeping up his Qur’an memorization is only by teaching and delivering to the students.

The second reason of why Ustadz Yusuf Mansur  put the eight students at his house is to make him safe. He also really wanted to get Allah’s help. Allah said that if we are diligent to help others, diligent to give donations, so we will be helped. The eight students then became pioneers of Daarul Qur’an Wisata Hati Boarding School.

At first, pioneering for qur’an memorization training program or PPPA was set by adopting the concept ofone thousand boarding school. We want to find mosques with no activity, and then we put children there for learning. We find teachers which are also Hafizh  Qur’an to teach the children, and we rent a house for them. For formal school, let them choose by themselves.

Then, we found one beautiful location  named Bulak Santri which is located in Pondok Pucung, Karang Tengah, Ciledug, Tangerang, Banten. This location was complete with classes for study. There were four classrooms (which were not used for three years). There was also a big mosque with less activity. We also could see one more room which was not used for decades. In 2005, we asked for permission to the Education and Cultural Department so that students can learn in this boarding school.

And that’s when Daarul Qur’an Junior High School  was born. At that time, we accepted 20 students. Then one year after being established, we accepted 8 students, continued by 20 students in the second year. In 2006, we run PPPA as our supporting organization. We fullfill students’s need by launching a donation program, which isa well-known program amongst Indonesian. During that period, we accepted around 70 student candidates.

The aim of PPPA Daarul Qur’an, besides its main function, was to create and  pioneer Al-Qur’an, is also to manage donations from Wisatahati members. We handled the donations professionally and transparantly in order to get people’s trust. We also hope that PPPA Daarul Qur’an management could be in the same level with the managemant of the  professional company.

Day after day, people’s awarness and willingness to create Al-Qur’an memorizers increased. So, we thought that we must have a legal and professional organization. In March 29, 2007 at Balai Sarbini Jakarta, PPPA Daarul Qur’an was officially introduced to the public. This was legalized by a notary deed issued on May 11 2007.

Why we picked number 70 as the symbol of PPPA was actually inspired by Zuhud war during apostles when Al-Qur’an memorizers passed away. In 2006, we accept 52 students at the school( this amount is out of the students at the Tahfizh home). The students who studied at the Tahfizh home were taught using salaf / traditional system. Through PPPA, Daarul Qur’an Tahfizh  Boarding School grew in some regions.

How about Bulak Santri? It was given back to community. Then Kampung Ketapang became the center of Daarul Qur’an. Then in 2006, Daarul Qur’an is devided into two divisions, they are Daarul Qur’an Nusantara (DQN) which is focused on Islamic community while Daarul Qur’anIndonesia (DQI) which is focused on education. This decision was taken based on notary deed number 34 on October 6, 2011 with notary Yeni Ambaryatun, SH, MM.

Daarul Qur’an Tahfizh  boarding school opened branches in Cikarang, Bekasi, Ungaran, Semarang, Cilegon, Banten and Lampung in order to expand Qur’an memorizers generation in Indonesia.Alhamdulillah, some appreciations were accepted through student’s achievements.

‘’Those who read Al-Qur’an, analyze and memorize, Allah will put them in His heaven and He will give a help together with the ten members of their family’’

Qur’an memorizers will get a great crown in heaven, while their parents will get a great clothes which the price can’t be redeemed by whole wealth of people in the world. Subhanallah.

It would bring happiness if your children and our children become succesful people and Hafizh  Qur’an.

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