The Seven Awareness Parenting Seminar At SD Daqu Kalibata City: Building Awareness Through Enlightenment Of Our Inner Soul

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On August 19, 2017, as many as thirty participants had the opportunity to attend an enlightenment speech on parenting made by a well-known master trainer, Mr. Nanang Qosim Yusuf also known as Naqoy, at SD Daqu Kalibata City, Jakarta.


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He started his enlightenment speech on the story of his life background as a poor child when he was young. Born as a kid of a pedicab driver and a common housewife in a remote area in Losari, Brebes, Central Java, young Naqoy felt the first impression of changing his future when he saw his father was driving his becak full of chalks to be used as paint. Naqoy’s friends asked him: “Is that your father?”, and he answered, “yes, he is”.

On hearing this, his father realized that he would only gave a shame to his beloved son, so gave up his job as a pedicab (becak) driver for a week. Only when Naqoy’s mother asked him to drive the becak or else their children would starve, he started to find passengers again on the street. On hearing this, Naqoy hugged his father strongly and said to him, “Dad, don’t worry, someday a star will shine from our house”. Tears broke up as both of them hugged each other with sorrowful feelings.

It is always the question for the trainer dubbed as The Awareness Speaker. He found the number 7 while reading the Holy Quran which says: `Allah created 7 layers of the sky….`. It opens his eyes that 7 is a spiritual number. It reminds him of the 7 chakras and the 7 soul (nafs). 7 is a turning point for his training materials. The number seven 7 forms a door to human’s awareness level to rise above the average level.


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By exercising our awareness, we can accept ourselves and live our life gratefully. We give meaning to our life and to others. The 7 levels of awareness are : Thinking, Silence, Success, Soul, Wisdom, Vision, Submission. A total submission sincerely to Allah the Al-Mighty is the pinnacle of our awareness. Illustrated with stories of wisdom to understand the concept, we can find our life reflected in the stories told by Mr. Naqoy as his lifetime experience.

All the participants were impressed by the enlightenment speech given by Mr. Naqoy, as many of them asked questions related to daily problems in raising children in the millennium era.

According to one of the training participants, Ms. Haniam Ma’rufah, she said, “It guides and directs me to rise beyond average. The training made me submit myself totally to Allah the AlMighty, and I see that life is a beautiful opportunity to share with other people”.******


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